Construction in Australia is at a crossroad – NSW Building Commissioner writes

Construction Workers looking over deck pending concrete pour - Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash

David Chandler OAM – the NSW Building Commissioner – has set out his stall with a post on LinkedIn this weekend.

David’s summary is:

The message in all of this for government, is that building sovereign capabilities has never been more important. We should be fostering initiatives like the NSW Schools DfMA procurement model. We should be challenging local manufactures to invest in new capabilities and value propositions – and breaking out of the current race to the bottom. And we should be looking to leverage every cent of post COVID-19 stimulus to drive this at home and not let a single dollar to escape and allow Australian jobs to go off-shore.

David Chandler LinkedIn Post

David singled out a number of clear areas where he anticipates/expects the industry to move. Namely:

  • Role of Government
  • Need to leverage manufacturing and delivery capabilities before going overseas
  • Focus on materials
  • Role of Designers, Constructors and Certifiers

Read more HERE.

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